It is no secret that online dating was once viewed in a negative light. However, time has changed and people are now more appreciative of its ease, convenience, simplicity and above all else, efficiency. Most young people, single or not, are in one way or the other involved in an online dating site. With the internet however, negativity is always brewing. That is why there are a large number of fraudulent dating sites all with the aim of stealing from their clients without delivering what was promised.

How then does one find the best date site? The answer to that is actually pretty simple and straightforward. It is not about committing the site to a hundred plus background checks or avoiding the site completely. As a matter of fact, avoidance is never the answer to any problem. The following guidelines should be of great use to anyone looking for the best date sites, without luck.


A few years back, when people were still very reserved about online dating, asking someone to refer you to a dating site would have been very awkward, if not completely impossible or with a catastrophic ending. Today however, referral are a brilliant way of getting the best date site without having to struggle and/or pay for one. The greatest benefit of a referral is that you can always rust the information not to be biased.

Date site reviews

There are a number of legit website that do all the work for you. They analyze, compare and contrast, highlight the merits and demerits and pretty much handle all the research for you. Date review sites are a great source of information for anyone looking for the best dating sites. However, you should be careful not to read an untrustworthy review since some sites rig reviews just to promote themselves without actually delivering on what they claim to.

Dating forums

Forums are much like referrals except for the fact that you do not know the person in the forum. Consider them more like a combination of the referral and the review. Dating forums are another great source of information on dating sites complete with user experience and analysis. The disadvantage with these is that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and you may not always meet a person with the same tastes as yourself. The information therefore, could be misleading even though not done on purpose.


With quality research, you are definitely guaranteed to find the best dating sites for your needs. Some of the ones you are bound to come across include Match, eHarmony and Macbeth Matchmaking.